Becoming me

Put simply, this is a personal essay about how I became the writer I am today. I revisit some of the poems that kickstarted my journey as a writer and more specifically, a poet, and how I discovered my love for poetry. I take a look at some of the obstacles I overcame to get to where I am, and how I came to welcome my identity as a writer. Basically, it’s going to be a bit of a long one, so buckle up!

Writing is such a big part of me, so much so that I’m just not me when I’m not writing.

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Adrift – A poem

Maybe I’m a drifter

I’ve seen so many drift

I let them

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Sometimes I wish I could be like a tree – a documentation of growing pains.

Sometimes I wish I could be like a tree.

If I were a tree at least I’d know my purpose (or I wouldn’t know I had one).

But instead I’m here, not still but not moving, questioning…

Who am I supposed to be?

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Last night I turned into a mermaid

Last night while my eyes were closed, I turned into a mermaid. It all started on a fairly regular day when my family and I decided we wanted to try out a new place to eat, specifically to try the breakfast sandwich on their menu. It had a name I don’t remember, but there was…

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Messages in Bottles (hoping happiness replies)

So for the past year I’ve been working on my second collection of poetry, Messages in Bottles (hoping happiness replies). I’m self publishing it through Createspace, as I did with my first book, Home – A Poetry Collection. I’m extremely proud of this book, both because of the actual work inside it, but also because of the story it…

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Nothing could have been different – A poem

Your thoughts aren’t real,
They stir your mind into a swirl
A tornado
With power to turn dreams to ruins
If only you let them
But you have the power to stand as strong
As a deep rooted tree
Withstanding rains
And winds
And storms
That cloak the world in a fog
Transforming it into something

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To everyone I’ve ever written about – A poem

To everyone I’ve ever written about…

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Mind of its own – A poem

Sometimes I think
My thoughts
Are also thinking.
Like thoughts inside thoughts.

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