yesterday – some poems, photos and thoughts.

Seeing a place where I spend all my time from above or the outside, really shows me just how small and insignificant I am. I am just a speck. But if every speck is insignificant and I am a speck in a cluster of insignificances, yet together we are significant…

am I really insignificant at all?

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Out of place – a short film.

I made a little film featuring some photos I took and some thoughts from today. Here’s the link to the video:   And here are some photos featured:    

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Tonight’s wanderings and ponderings

A journal entry | 21/01/2018 | 9:55pm. I’ve always liked the idea of night walks but I don’t like to venture into the darkness alone. I just feel far too alert to be comfortable. But just another presence, even in silence, brings out the calm in the night and tucks most of the unsettled feelings…

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Photos from December

I had a good month for photography in December 2017. I just felt really inspired to photograph things. I have decided to compile all of my favourite photos I took in December into this blog post, to act as a memory and to share another side of my creative pursuits. Top 10: Honourable mentions:  …

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