From the eyes of the moon – A poem

I watch them closely, the night people,
There’s not much else to see as the world is asleep.
They are remarkably awake for the non nocturnal,
Maybe they’re nocturnal at heart.
I watch them as they dance
And as they speak with such a tenderness
As if their words will be remembered…
And they will.

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Tonight’s wanderings and ponderings

A journal entry | 21/01/2018 | 9:55pm. I’ve always liked the idea of night walks but I don’t like to venture into the darkness alone. I just feel far too alert to be comfortable. But just another presence, even in silence, brings out the calm in the night and tucks most of the unsettled feelings…

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Learn to switch off when you sleep

Too often I end up multitasking when I’m trying to sleep. But sleeping and multitasking do not fit together. They are not part of the same puzzle. When I lay down and switch my world to darkness, I am telling my mind that it is time to turn away from the world and turn off,…

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There was something, and this was it. – A poem

I’m stuck In the nagging nudges Of the night As they pace in the dark And tell me to write. But tonight Nothing seems right. I feel no urge For scribbles Under flashlight. I feel the time ticking As the night’s nags Are tickling The underneath of my feet. I haven’t tried to sleep Because…

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The day brings a fire brigade – a poem

I think the hours wear us away Perhaps more than we think. They wear away our guards. Our masks. All the things that protect Our most vulnerable selves. That’s why in the dark I am suddenly powerful. I can’t see the things that scare me. At midnight I can do anything. Maybe it’s just because…

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