How to remember your life – A poem

Music holds more memories than we remember
A melody is nostalgia and a photo album of sounds
I remember my life through the lyrics that touched me and
The songs connected to people
And days and nights
And moments
Some sounds touch the heart
And remind me of feelings I can feel I once felt
But don’t remember

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Film vs Digital

Something interesting I’ve found since I started shooting film is that I value the photos I take on film considerably more than those I take with my digital camera. I’ve boiled this down to the fact that I am forced to think about film photos a lot more, since firstly, there are fewer of them,…

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Turning out.

Things don’t always turn out as we plan them to. I’d go as far to say that they never do. What is a plan, really? A wish, a dream, a fleeting thought? An idea? We can never truly plan for anything as unpredictable as the future. A plan changes as life does, as we do.…

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Not Always Whole – a photography project

This is a photo series of sorts, but I’m more going to simply call it a project. It’s an experiment, really, exploring a different style of photography that is slightly out of my comfort zone, creating self portraits of myself that are, as the name suggests, ‘not always whole’.

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Adventures with a new camera

I bought a new camera and these are photos from the first couple of adventures I’ve had with it 🙂

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I exist on this earth to be a part of it so why keep things to myself?

I think we learn to exist inside of ourselves. We grow to feel trapped inside our minds. Habits and emotions and thoughts. They haunt our every move, our every step. It’s normal and human to feel an entire spectrum of emotions from the happiest happiness to the saddest sadness. It’s normal to feel it all.…

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Adventures in film #2 | Moonta Bay

I went on a short trip to Moonta Bay with my boyfriend between Christmas and New Years and in a word it was.. lovely. It was simultaneously relaxing and exciting to just get away for a bit from routine and see some new things. When I came back I swear my skin has never been…

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Adrift – A poem

Maybe I’m a drifter

I’ve seen so many drift

I let them

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The ways a place can hold you

There are different ways a place can hold memories. Sometimes you see them and other times you feel them. It might be just a breath, other times the feeling can consume you. But either way it moves you and either way it’s there.

Sometimes it can be like a waft of familiar perfume that makes your heart skip a beat. Or it’s like you travelled back in time and you’re no longer standing there but surrounded by your past unfolding in front of you. As if your soul escapes your body for a moment and the only thing possible for you to do is stand there and feel it.

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