This is a short frame by frame animation I created for my year 12 creative arts production along the theme of ‘Music Matters’.


Competition finalist / selected filmmaker
Adelaide International Youth Film Festival

Top 18 Finalist Nominee
Bond University Film and Television Awards

Competition finalist
SAE Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Awards


This is Lauren.

A student/teenager/almost adult,
facing the big wide world.
She’s a poem writer,
a thinker,
a dreamer,
story teller,
word collector,
art maker,
photo taker,
let’s just say; creator,
and let’s not forget music listener
though she wishes she could say
music maker.
But if you asked her to describe her music taste,
it changes every week so it might be a waste.

As a poem writer and word appreciator,
she has a tendency to listen to the lyrics
as well as just the song
and listen to the stories they tell,
so she can learn to better write her own.
But she wishes she could make the music
So the stories could further grow.

She has a playlist for every mood,
as it can help her through the pain
and give her a beat to dance to,
even when drowning in the rain.
The music makes her dance in the street
when the click of the heel of her shoe
sounds perfectly in time
with the beat of the happy tune.

Music can make us feel less lonely
and can help us understand
that there are others feeling the way we feel
and there are others where we stand.
Emotions are the only thing that’s evergreen
in this world filled with obscurities
and music helps us take time out
to understand our own complexities.

It connects us to the people around us
and the world under our feet.
Through music we can make sense of our feelings
and feel more in tune with our own heart beats.
Music creates memories
and nostalgia for a time that has not been,
but gives us something to look forward to
– all the things that we might see.
Music reminds us of feelings and faces
Like when Lauren hears that song he played,
She remembers every moment of that night
And knows the memory could never fade.

But we can find music on the tips of our tongues
And wrapped around our fingers
Because music doesn’t always have to be
Coming from the lips of a singer.
For music can be found in anything
I find music in my art
And although I wish I could add a tune
My poems are music to my heart.
Music can give us a path to follow
and allow us to be who we wish to be.
Music creates so many stories,
and that’s why it matters to me.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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