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Moment a day

This is my new photography / journaling project where I hope to add one photo to this page per day. I’ve used the word journaling as it is going to be sort of like a visual diary of my days. I have decided to use this platform instead of say, Instagram, as I want to step away from the social media realm, where I know I will constantly be subconsciously thinking about whether my audience is liking what I’m posting. But I don’t want to worry about that. This project is for me. It’s so that I have something to look back on in years to come. So that I have a way of remembering some of my days that will so quickly escape me and drift away. For every day may seem significant as it happens, but that significance slowly diminishes, so I want this to help me remember some of those days. Or maybe I’ll look back at pictures and not remember taking them. I’m interested to find out. I have not yet worked out how long I’m going to do this for and I’m not sure how long it will last, but if you want to join me on this journey then feel free to come and check the page every once in a while, or leave comments and feedback.

My aim for this project is to capture moments that are different to the types of ‘perfect’ things I might post on Instagram. I want them to be more just imperfect snapshots of everyday life instead of a fully polished fancy picture of a flower. (I really like those.) But no, I’ll leave those for Instagram. This project is for my attempts to present even the seemingly boring and quiet days and moments in an interesting way. I want to make even the ‘ugly’ moments or experiences seem ‘beautiful’ in a storytelling way. I will obviously take more than one picture per day, but I am choosing my favourite or the one that I think is the best representation of the day to present here. I want to find ways to look at things through a new perspective, and find new things just around my house to photograph (but in a way that represents the happenings of that day).

These are a few guidelines I’ve set myself for this project.

  1. Photos must be from the day of which it is dated. No using photos from other days as fillers.
  2. Skipping a day is OK if I have a very good reason and it isn’t out of laziness. I say this because I don’t want to feel pressure or like doing this project is a chore.
  3. Try not to ‘set up’ photos too much. Leave things how they are and capture things in the moment. Try and incorporate movement so this is further emphasized.
  4. Try and capture the process instead of the end product. This way it makes any audiences (including future me) feel more involved rather than just an outside viewer.
  5. Picture things that others might not usually see. Present all the small (or big?) things that I notice that make me smile that may surpass the view of others.
  6. No pictures of me unless it’s a reflection. I want to take all the pictures myself and show the world through my eyes.
  7. Most importantly, I must simply capture me, who I am, and all my corners of the world.

I believe that the world is different for everyone, but no less special for anyone…. so these are my snapshots of it through my eyes.


Photo Gallery

These are all the photos I’ve taken that I am proud of / happy with, presented in no particular order, in a gallery of my work. I am certainly not a professional photographer and I still have much to learn, but I hope that I can look back on this page and see my journey and how my taste and style has changed. Photography is just something I like to do and I take a LOT of photos, so I wanted somewhere to keep all of the photos that I like the most, as sometimes some of them can get lost.


If you want to see more of my photos, etc. find me on Instagram: @laurenkathleen_