The ways a place can hold you

There are different ways a place can hold memories. Sometimes you see them and other times you feel them. It might be just a breath, other times the feeling can consume you. But either way it moves you and either way it’s there.

Sometimes it can be like a waft of familiar perfume that makes your heart skip a beat. Or it’s like you travelled back in time and you’re no longer standing there but surrounded by your past unfolding in front of you. As if your soul escapes your body for a moment and the only thing possible for you to do is stand there and feel it.

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My front porch – A poem

Whenever my breath feels stale but I need to breathe,
I sit on my front porch (preferably in the early morning
But sometimes afternoon)
Only when it’s sunny
(Usually I have to squint my eyes but I don’t mind)
It cleanses me in a funny sort of way
(Even when it’s loud with endless planes
And cars and caravans
Travelling from the park up the road)
Everything seems quiet
Everything seems calm
The breeze settles a stillness within me
As I sit behind my white picket fence
The world seems at ease
And everyone and everything is just
Living their lonely lives

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You have more time than you think

This is a gallery of all the artwork I’ve produced throughout my first semester of my Illustration Animation University course. think an excuse that I and others often use is ‘I don’t have time’. ‘I wish I could draw every day but I don’t have time.’ One of the main things I have learned throughout this semester is that I have more time than I think, when I actually use it wisely, and I think maybe in the future I will have more faith in what I can achieve. I can do anything I set my mind to.

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