You have more time than you think

This is a gallery of all the artwork I’ve produced throughout my first semester of my Illustration Animation University course. think an excuse that I and others often use is ‘I don’t have time’. ‘I wish I could draw every day but I don’t have time.’ One of the main things I have learned throughout this semester is that I have more time than I think, when I actually use it wisely, and I think maybe in the future I will have more faith in what I can achieve. I can do anything I set my mind to.

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Map of time – A poem and illustration

What if
All that was,
And will be
Is constant?
What if it has all
Already happened
And is happening
Right now,
But each of us is only capable
Of consciously knowing
One spot at a time.

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Like a doll

This is an artwork I created for a school project using various photo manipulation techniques in Adobe Photoshop. The purpose of the artwork is to communicate the idea of being overwhelmed with exploding thoughts, hence the disintegration effect that has been applied to the portrait. I have used a smoke effect rather than fragmentation, so…

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