Map of time – A poem and illustration

map of time rgb.jpg

What if
All that was,
And will be
Is constant?
What if it has all
Already happened
And is happening
Right now,
But each of us is only capable
Of consciously knowing
One spot at a time.
What if time is a place
And not its own
Abstract entity
That we’re all led to believe?
What if time
Is a map?
And all that was, is,
And will be
Are just points,
This map holds our journey
Of life,
And what if we simply travel
Across time,
Instead of through it.
What if all these ups and downs
And leaps and bounds
Are just us climbing mountains
Of time.
What if this map
Holds the knowledge
Of all our predestined
As check point flags,
And it’s just our job
To find them.
Maybe we all have a path
Laid out for us,
But sometimes we stumble
Off the side
As our mind
Mumbles wishes
And our heart itches
For something out the corner
Of our eye.
Then maybe we get lost
And everything
Starts to crumble
And tumble
Until we find out way
Back on track.
Our itch
Has been scratched
And in our mind
There’s a switch
As we click
Back into place.
Back on our path
Across the mountain range
The forests
The plains
Through the pain
The gain
The rivers and rain
The insane and mundane
And again.
Our destinations
Already exist
But it’s up to us
How we get there.
So nothing will ever be boring
If we find a path
Filled with heres, theres
And everywheres
If we feel
All emotions
And watch the motions
Of life.
Is so magical
If you let it be.
Just remember
That no matter where your footsteps go
You will end up
Exactly where you are meant
To be going.
So stop thinking so much.
And don’t forget
To enjoy the journey.


Like a doll

This is an artwork I created for a school project using various photo manipulation techniques in Adobe Photoshop.


The purpose of the artwork is to communicate the idea of being overwhelmed with exploding thoughts, hence the disintegration effect that has been applied to the portrait. I have used a smoke effect rather than fragmentation, so as to represent the fact that the thoughts and ideas are mixing with one another and are not clear. The doll-like effect that has been created, represents the draining effect on the body of having a busy mind, and how it can leave you feeling absolutely nothing, zoning out, shutting off from the world and almost feeling lifeless – like a doll.