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Machine Brain

A forty minute bumpy ride, with engine rumbles disrupting the air that I hear but don’t listen to and even the voices that fill my diminishing personal space are just white noise in my quiet. Somehow I’d forgotten how to lose myself in thought. I’d forgotten what escape was. I’d forgotten that this time was…

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Sunset at Henley Beach on 35mm film

A gallery of recent film photos I took at sunset at Henley beach, plus some thoughts on the creative process behind them.

Whenever I take my camera to the beach I always feel the need to hold back from taking an entire roll of the same photo, but it seems that even if I feel like I’m doing that, I never actually am.

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Changing my mind about change

I took these pictures on the first of March and it’s strange to think how much I’ve changed in just the three months since then. But I hesitate to call it change because I haven’t morphed into anything else, I’ve simply grown. These pictures were taken to document a new hair cut and like myself,…

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