“What kind of music do you listen to?”

I hate this question so much. I never know how to answer because I listen to a lot of different types of music. It changes all the time based on what decides to pop up in my YouTube recommended, who I’ve been spending time with and what type of music they listen to/I’ve listened to with them, what random CD I found in the drawer. So I can never give a distinct answer about what kind of music I listen to, and often “everything” or “all sorts of things” doesn’t suffice because people want me in a category. I’ve had people ask me this question while I’m with other people who kind of know me and then when I hesitate with my response, they try and answer for me. Usually they are correct but only cover about 10% of the music I actually like. Nevertheless, I want to start something on my blog where I talk about the music I listen to because I think that music can really hold and create memories. I remember many periods of my life by what music I was listening to at the time, which is why I wanted to start doing these posts every now and then about my current playlists and songs/albums/artists I’ve recently discovered. Particularly if there’s been some music that has really resonated with me or helped me through/defined a portion of my life. This is more for me than anyone else, so I can document these things and have something to look back on in the future. But also, if anyone asks me what music I listen to in the future, I can just show them these posts!

So today I wanted to talk about some music I’ve been listening to in the last week that I am very happy that I found out existed. Recently, I’ve been listening to and discovering a lot of folk music. The folk genre was never something I knew much about, but after listening to one song on YouTube, I was taken on a journey through recommended videos and was introduced to a whole new world. I’ve been feeling very happy recently, but a content kind of happy. A pleased kind of happy. Like everything in my world is right. This music is really helping me make the most of this state. It makes me feel relaxed and calm, but still keeps me motivated. It makes the world slow down and gives me the feeling that I have more time to do things, so I don’t feel rushed – which is always a good feeling. I can think while I listen to it, but also can get lost in the song, which makes it good bus/train music. It’s also great music to help me fall asleep.

These are a couple of folk music albums that I have really fallen in love with (and I am yet to discover many more).

woodlandWoodland by The Paper Kites (album)

I particularly like the songs:
Featherstone – I think it just has really beautiful lyrics.
Bloom – Makes me feel like I’m in love with a person who doesn’t exist and gives me nostalgia for things I have not experienced.


that sea the gambler

That Sea, the Gambler by Gregory Alan Isakov

In particular, the songs:
Salt & the Sea – Almost has a jazz feel and when I dance to it with my eyes closed I feel like I’m dancing with another person.
3 A.M – A beautiful song. Just listen to it.


These are the only albums of these artists that I’ve listened to but I definitely intend on listening to more because I think they’re wonderful. If anyone has any other recommendations for folk albums/artists then please let me know, I would love to hear them!!